Investing in the development of our employees

By investing in learning and the development of our managers, we are convinced that using a credible and experienced training company such as Flow, will help us to maximise our investments by…

Maximise sales, reduces wastage and inefficiency, increases profitability;

Providing expert knowledge from industry professionals, and;

Providing a more efficient training solution, resulting in reduced training costs.

Service that Sells

As the hospitality industry becomes more and more competitive, it is vital for businesses to maximise all sales opportunities available to them. Staff are the biggest asset to any hospitality business in achieving this.

Customer Service

There is a direct link between customer service training, customer satisfaction and the bottom line of any service organisation. A key focus of our customer service training is exceeding customer expectations by differentiating an average customer service experience from a memorable one.

Licensing & Social Responsibility

This module guides you through all the essential information required to work with alcohol in licensed premises in England and Wales. The module explores the Licensing Act [2003], the effects of alcohol, social responsibility and offers guidance on dealing with drugs and conflict on licensed premises. This training is recommended by law.

Health & Safety

Employers are, by law, responsible for providing safe and healthy workplace conditions for all employees. The FLOW Health & Safety training ensures employees are fully aware of the importance of health and safety in the workplace and of the importance of following good working practices.

Food Safety

As a business you are responsible for the safety of your customers and have a duty to comply with the Food Hygiene Regulations [2006], guidance which is applicable to all types of food business in the UK.
All staff that deal with food on a daily basis are required by law to complete food safety training before they start any work which involves handling food including drinks.

First Aid Awareness

When working in the hospitality industry there will be occasions when colleagues or customers may suffer injuries or be taken ill. When this happens it is important that they receive immediate attention and in serious cases that the emergency services are called promptly.